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Some Times you have to shake things up, and somtimes you have to flat out destroy the old to make way for the NEW! I have been revamping alot of stuff lately. I am from the Old School of thought of  "You work hard for what you want and you don't rest till you get it done!" I have Recently rid myself of an agent that didn't believe in working hard (I had 1 audition all year) Now I have a new agent that in 2 days has already secured me an audition, and has submitted me for 3 other projects! I am so excited to work with people who are Positive, Motivated and Energetic! I like people with that kind of go for the throat to get the Kill mentality!
One of the things I've noticed, is over the last few years I changed my attitude and tried to downplay things and be overly Humble, and as a result I have seen projects drop off and watched people start thinking they can walk over me. No More!! HOLLYWOOD IS BACK!!! This will be an Amazing year to come, I have my attitude back, I'm Getting my Body back in shape and I am about to steam roll over a lot of bad people and put them in there place! I am more than happy to help others reach their goals and take others along with me on my rise to the top, But if someone tries to keep me down or any others I'm trying to help, I will bury them! The NEW ATTITUDE is actually my old attitude that I had when I was Rodeoing full time! COWBOY UP!!!
This is the REVAMPED Site! I have added a music player so you can here my album right before you decide to go to the store and buy the CD! ;) I will have new pictures up in the gallery soon, and I will have new merch in the store as well. The new look is a representation of who I am, a tough, strait forward man, with a hint of mischef in his eyes. There are three tabs on the right you can click to follow me on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, there is also a link to Itunes so you can download Your New Favorite Artist (HOLLYWOOD YATES) Debute Album! Be sure to go to the fan section and sign up so you can get Direct e-mail Updates as to what is happining, and contest that I'll be having for free Merch, concert ticket's, and sponsor products as well. Become a member of the Pack!
This is going to be a Fun year, full of freinds, fans, parties, and a RE-BIRTH of the ROWDY! I am gathering sponsors, booking rodeo's as a bullfighter, and a barrelman, I am also booking my band all across the country! So keep up, tune in and come out for the best time of your life if I'm anywhere near you!!
Belive In Dreams!

Car Show and Family Fun Day

Car Show and Family Fun Day Saturday 7 April, 9:00 AM open to cars to start registering, vendors set-up, on schedule to end around 3:00? tbd.
Peoria Sports Complex: (83rd Ave and Bell Rd.)
16101 N. 83rd Avenue, Peoria, Arizona 85382
Open to all makes and models.
100% of the proceeds benifit JENNABEARS Foundation.
visit for more information 

It's going to be a beautiful day!

Kickstarter Campain

 It's Finally here! I have started up a 30 day Kickstarter campain to raise enough money to take me and my Band on a three week tour to Nashville Tn for the CMA Fest and back! I will be hitting several cities( to be announced) on the way there and back to perform for YOU and Your Friends! But I need your help! This Project can only happen if my friends, family, and fans join together and help back this project. I am giving away some cool rewards to everyone who helps. I know that times are tough for everyone so even if you can't help monitarilly I ask that you please spread the word, tell your family and friends to check it out. Run down the streets yelling it to the heavens and maybe we can get this done. It is an all or nothing deal so if I don't reach the goal in 30 days it doesn't happen. But if I reach it before the 30 days is up and it keeps building then I can stay on the road longer and perform in more cities. I thank you all for anything and everything you can do and already do to support me and my music. Y'all are the best!

A Message from Hollywood

Hey Y'all,
First of all a Belated HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
I was busy getting the Wolf pack (me and my wife and all the pups) moved to Southern California so that I could be closer to L.A. I am auditioning a lot trying to get another show or ten. I have had some good auditions and one Horrible one that all I could do was laugh as I left... Oh well ya learn from everything right?!
I did get a role in a film that will most likely be going to Lifetime and as I get more details I will let you know more about that. I had a blast filming it and worked with a lot of great people. I left there with the word that the director and producers liked how I did and want to use me in there next project as well . Woo Hoo!
In January I went to the NAMM convention and spoke with several companies Such as Rock and Roll Gangster clothing, Skunk Juice Earbuds (which is part of Snapp Jack Cables), Fender, and Luma Skins. I am in talks with them all as well as several other companies that are looking at having me endorse their products so as soon as I ink the deals I will be blasting them out!
I have another film I am filming in April or May just haven't got the dates yet. Also in April or May it looks like a road trip for the band to Nevada. I am finalizing all details on a three week tour to CMA fest as well. I already have 2 shows in Nashville but will probably do 5 to 10 there and 3 or 4 on the way and 3 or 4 on the way back.
Things are turning around and I hope and Pray that all of your lives are getting better and that everyone is Happier this year! Remember Attitude equals Altitude- you can't be miserable and then become successful -think well and be well!
I'll be in Arizona next week for My "Birthday Bash At The Ranch" on Wed the 29th at the Martini Ranch I will have Savannah Love, Nick Nicholson, and DaisyTrain all playing that night as well as Me and My band The Wolf Pack! Then Friday and Sat I'll be hanging out at the Scottsdale Parada Del Sole Rodeo signing autographs and selling CD's and T-shrts. Sunday I'll be hanging out at PIR for Nascar, and Monday the 5th I'll be singing The National Anthem at the Opening Day LosAngeles Dodgers and Chicago White Socks Spring training at Camelback Ranch! This just in, Shine Down will be attending as well.
Believe In Dreams!

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Come out and see Hollywood!

Hollywood's been keeping really busy these days and here are some of the upcoming events you can come out and enjoy  the show!

  June 1st Albequerque, NM Dirty Bourbon doors open at 7:30pm
  June 7th Nashville, TN  Concert at Children's Hospital 2:30 - 3:30pm
  June 8th Nashville, TN  CMA fest Parade Morning-noonish 
  June 8th Nashville, TN  Cadillac Ranch Stage  3:00-4:40pm
  June 8th Nashville, TN  CMT Music Awards Red Carpet and Show
  June 9th Nashville, TN  Meet and Greet and Show Tootsies on Broadway 10:00am-1:00p
  June 10th Nashville, TN  Best Buy/Hard Rock Stage 3:30 - 4:00pm
  June 11th Nashville, TN  Meet and Greet Roper Apparel Booth       10 -11am
  June 12th Nashville, TN  Best Buy/Hard Rock Stage Co-hosting