wprsg-logo-nosheildI will be in Libby, MO on July 23rd, 2015 for the Kootenai River Rodeo.

Here is the official press release:

Hollywood Yates, one of the most entertaining and daring bullfighters of all time, has stepped into another arena!  He’s bringing his new band “Hollywood Yates and the Wolf Pack” to join other spectacular entertainment coordinated by WPRSG for Thursday, July 23rd, 2015 in Libby, Montana. The Kootenai River Rodeo is held at J. Neils Memorial Park and hosted by Kootenai River Rodeo of Montana.

We are excited to have world famous Hollywood Yates supporting WPRSG with their vision to support young people by teaching them the skills, excitement, and rich history of the sport of rodeo. Hollywood is inviting everyone to come “Dance in the Dirt” in support of the education, training and mentorship program that WPRSG has created.  His unique sound will have Libby Rodeo Fans begging for more!

Hollywood Yates, is not new to rodeo crowds. He is known through out the world by many things! He is a 2 time National Finals Rodeo Wrangler Bullfighter, a 1 time National Finals Rodeo Wrangler Barrel Man (one of only two men to have ever been both in 56 Years).Hollywood also stepped into the WWE Ring as a professional wrestler and was negotiating a contract when NBC’s American Gladiatorswas brought back from the ashes and WOLF was born! The Crowd favorite and the loudest most feared Gladiator of all time, Hollywoodhelped bring American Gladiators to the #1 show on Monday Nights.

Well I’ve been working hard so far this year. I have had the privilege of working on the Spanish television show Esto Es Guerra which translates to “This is War” it has been a lot of fun to do this show ( I get to go beat people up) basicaly doing a lot of the same things I did on American Gladiators. I have also returned to the Rodeo arena and I have already worked 2 Professional RoughStock Series Events on RFDTV, a PRCA rodeo in Yuma AZ,  a Mesquite Championship Rodeo in Mesquite TX and will be headed back to TX for 5 more shows and and then 1 more PRS in Charlotte NC. 
On top of all of that I had a great week in Nashville TN during the CMA Fest. I hired a great group of guys to play for me there and had an Awesome show at The Hard Rock Stage on Friday night opening for Bridgette Tatum, then on Saturday I had a great crowd at The Nashville Universe Booth where I got to spend time signing autographs and visiting with a lot of fans. Sunday was another fun day spent at John Rich’s Redneck Riviera Booth partying with the fans, DJ Sinister, Chi Chi, John Rich, Angel Mary and the Tennessee Werwolves, and Lone Star! Then it was up to John’s House for cocktails and cigars!! Good times Good Friends!!
On the music front I am writing new songs and have been talking with Bridgette Tatum about working together on writing and also having her produce my next album. I think Bridgette is Awesome and she is the most honest Strait shooter I’ve met in Nashville. She is also one Hell of a songwriter, I have already picked 2 songs that she wrote for my next album. It is hard to find the right people in the entertainment industry that you click with, are like minded, and that you can trust!! I feel that Bridgette and I can come up with some great music and then get it to the proper channels to actually make some noise in the Music industry.  
Well I have got to run and get to the Gym I have a few Television shows that I’m interested in auditioning for so I’m trying to get up to about 235lbs at 6% 
Y’all have a great day enjoy your life and try to be a blessing to someone else!
Believe in Dreams!



Some Times you have to shake things up, and somtimes you have to flat out destroy the old to make way for the NEW! I have been revamping alot of stuff lately. I am from the Old School of thought of  "You work hard for what you want and you don't rest till you get it done!" I have Recently rid myself of an agent that didn't believe in working hard (I had 1 audition all year) Now I have a new agent that in 2 days has already secured me an audition, and has submitted me for 3 other projects! I am so excited to work with people who are Positive, Motivated and Energetic! I like people with that kind of go for the throat to get the Kill mentality!
One of the things I've noticed, is over the last few years I changed my attitude and tried to downplay things and be overly Humble, and as a result I have seen projects drop off and watched people start thinking they can walk over me. No More!! HOLLYWOOD IS BACK!!! This will be an Amazing year to come, I have my attitude back, I'm Getting my Body back in shape and I am about to steam roll over a lot of bad people and put them in there place! I am more than happy to help others reach their goals and take others along with me on my rise to the top, But if someone tries to keep me down or any others I'm trying to help, I will bury them! The NEW ATTITUDE is actually my old attitude that I had when I was Rodeoing full time! COWBOY UP!!!
This is the REVAMPED Site! I have added a music player so you can here my album right before you decide to go to the store and buy the CD! ;) I will have new pictures up in the gallery soon, and I will have new merch in the store as well. The new look is a representation of who I am, a tough, strait forward man, with a hint of mischef in his eyes. There are three tabs on the right you can click to follow me on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, there is also a link to Itunes so you can download Your New Favorite Artist (HOLLYWOOD YATES) Debute Album! Be sure to go to the fan section and sign up so you can get Direct e-mail Updates as to what is happining, and contest that I'll be having for free Merch, concert ticket's, and sponsor products as well. Become a member of the Pack!
This is going to be a Fun year, full of freinds, fans, parties, and a RE-BIRTH of the ROWDY! I am gathering sponsors, booking rodeo's as a bullfighter, and a barrelman, I am also booking my band all across the country! So keep up, tune in and come out for the best time of your life if I'm anywhere near you!!
Belive In Dreams!
Car Show and Family Fun Day Saturday 7 April, 9:00 AM open to cars to start registering, vendors set-up, on schedule to end around 3:00? tbd.
Peoria Sports Complex: (83rd Ave and Bell Rd.)
16101 N. 83rd Avenue, Peoria, Arizona 85382
Open to all makes and models.
100% of the proceeds benifit JENNABEARS Foundation.
visit www.jennabearsfoundation.org for more information 

It's going to be a beautiful day!